expection differences between male and female in Chinese culture

There are many differences between male and female in Chinese culture.

A. First, women are expected to have lower position in a family.

1. Even now, a husband is usually expected to have more wealth, higher degree or even more height and older.

2. They are not expected to succeed a family, although they need not change their last name after marriage now.

B. Second, they are not expected to active in politics.

       1. In history, politics influence by women is considered abnormal and there is only one female emperor among three hundreds and forty emperors.

2. Although they have priority to be elected  now, people usually don’t expect they have enough strength and right.

C. They are not considered import solders.

       1. Many positions in army are not opened to women.

2. A large part of female solders are belongs to Cultural and Performance Troupe

D. Changes made in last two centuries to eradicate discrimination against women.

       1. They have equal right in family in law, and almost equal housework now.  They perform better then male in many areas, such as sports.

       2. By law, they have equal right to be elected or promoted in state-owned factors; in fact, usually they have even higher priorities. 

       3. They have more enrolls in universities.


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