Role Modal Notes

Good morning everyone. Today I would like to talk about my role modal, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Cooperation, and the wealthiest people in the world. I will describe two of his personal characteristics, his courage and his kindness, and how these characteristics inspired me. 

First, he did some change in his life and business with great courage.

In his personal life, he dropped out Harvard without graduating at an age of 20. A Harvard degree leads to a promising career.

He carry some bold plans, such as introduced “Dot Net Framework”, while Microsoft products were still occupying more than half of the market at that time. He decided that most of new Microsoft products will move to .Net framework.

He founded global research labs to develop “future technologies”, which little quick outcome

Although I respect his courage, I didn’t quit my university as he did, because I think degree is important. However, I studied computer skills in my spare time, and work in IT area after graduated from Department of Mathematics.

 Second, he donated a lot of money to the public.

He found the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a foundation to help people education, global health and disasters. This foundation donates $1 billion each year. The foundation sponsors several health research projects, Scholars Program and library systems.

       I appreciate such contributions and I spend a lot of my spare time, use my computer skills to help others. I answered thousands of questions, and wrote tens of articles last year.

 As a summary, he is a man deserves my respect.


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