How to fail in a class?

Level 150 S/W




How to fail in a class?


It is not good topic to talk with, but do some investigations on it will help you aware of its risk and you can device to do something to prevent you from failing.


The first thing to know is the standard of different grading. Usually you can find some relative information in the syllabus of a course. If you did not find it there, you can ask the teacher about it. Generally, the two most common causes why students fail in a class are: a) too many absences, b) failure to do their class assignments. Few teachers pay less care about attendances or assignments and more attention on exams.


The Second is to plan your steps. The easiest thing to do is absent. Audit but do not work on assignments is a little harder. Cheat in exams is harder because you need to care about the exam date and topic, and do some preparations. To lose with your best done is the hardest because you need to do too many work on it.


At last, some misbehavior, such as impolite behavior or word in the school and sudden disease can fail you, also.


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