Public Edu phylosephy and funding

Compulsory. 16 / 9 grade

Control: No nation wide cirriccum set by fed. fed. control by Funds to special programs. handicap and bilingual programs not as other countries.
 Education control
  Locally 3 level
 State Depart of Edu 2 basic  fun
   cirriccum requirement for all school in the state
   numbers of credits to graduate
 School district
  number desided by size of population and size of state
  run by school board
  determin content of courses
   decide available elecitve courses
  operation of the school
  Teacher decide to to teach content and preparing and giving exam
 local control by fund

Money from, Tuition go
Fond :8% from Fed. 40% from state texes, 52% from local tax from local commuty.(by voters)

 Equality of oppitunity
  public school: funded by gov poor area , less money, less likely children have higher edu.
  Private/Religius school not funded by gov(usual by religious org) . Questions about private school student parents have to pay private school tuition and public edu tax
  Increate secular nature quially

  press on use tax to private school. arguments
   lower taxes?public school offer the best change of equally.should not be less funded.private school devisive.own concern.
   parent decide, unfair tax as well as tuition
  solution no to satify every
  use of the tuitions foutures, each child to recieve scholship with educal value, schools compete the scholship
   each child to recieve scholship with educal value,school can add tuition
  in trouble.
film "Stand and Deliver" poor students


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