Find and evaluate sources on WWW

Level 150 S/W


Find and evaluate sources on WWW

There are several benefits to find information online(WWW), including saving time, reduce cost and more information source. Usually a web directory is not sufficient to find information a particular subject.


As an entrance of search information, looking for some search engines is the first step of looking for information online. Bookmark such kind of frequently used web sites when you know them is a good habit.


Next, you can begin your query at a search engine. Because the number of a query results may be overwhelming, refine a query to get a smaller number of result and more relationship is an important part of searching. You can find search instructions on the search engine web site.


Third, usually you need to find some jargons to narrow the search. If you do not know any jargons, read some query results to summarize some jargons. Good jargons include a name of an expert in the area a common quotation and phrases.


Fourth, look through all results and select some as information source and for looking for jargons. It is sometimes a most stress thing because it concerns about too many works.


Finally, try to understand the query results and try to remember some jargons for later use.


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