Stress Cntrol

1.         Q: Why is stress not all bad?
A: No. it can help immune systems.

2.         Q: What is stress management?
A: Prevent or release the negative affect of stress

3.         Q: Why aren’t health professionals not worried about losing their jobs?
A: There are too many people have stress related problems.

4.         Q: What is the goal of stress management?
A: Let life go on.

5.         Q: How to our bodies react to stress, in general, and why?
A: Excited, to prepare for escape from danger.

6.         Q: What does “all of which” refer to? When are the physical reactions to stress useful, and when are they not useful?
A: Signals of body’s reaction to stress. Physical, but not emotional.

7.         Q: Why does emotional stress hurt us?
A: Physical preparation for emotional stress hurts the walls of blood vessels.

8.         Q: Paraphrase Dave Evans.
A: An employee assistance counselor.

9.         Q: What does Evans recommend, in general?
A: Focus and control.

10.     Q: What does “control what we can without sweating the rest” mean?
A: Work it out actually.

11.     Q: Why did Evans quote Hans Selye?
A: To show the connection between emotional and illness.

12.     Q: Paraphrase Hans Selye.
A: Founder of modern stress management

13.     Q: Does Dennis O’Grady agree with Selye?
A: No.

14.     Q: What does O’Grady think about how much control we have?
A: We don’t have control.

15.     Q: How do we cause ourselves more stress, according to Evans?
A: Chasing unrealizable objects.

16.     Q: According to Bruce Stapleton, what is another thing that causes us stress?
A: Too difficult to achieve goal..

17.     Q: How can we avoid the kind of stress Stapleton is talking about?
A: By defining very clear and definitive focus

18.     Q: What is the main ides of the article?
A: How to improve Stress Management.


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