Stress Control

Level 150 S/W

Stress Control
 You can’t get rid of stress, but you can manage it

Stress is not all bad. Stress is not only death of important friend or get fired, but also holidays,  new job and awards. Some of stress can energize the  body and help our ummune systems. Since stresses are inevitable, control the negitave effect of stress is the only thing you can do with stress.Stress management, is a very common task of U.S. family doctors. two-thirds of visits are about stress problems, says the American Academic of Family Physicans. The gole of the task is to reduce anxiety about stress.This body reaction to stress is useful to physical stress such as a fire, or a fight, but is not good for body for an emotional stress. Doctors use are a lot of skills to prevent illness cause by the anxiety of stress, such as focus and control. Sometimes the situation get out of our control, trying to control it is a huge stressor.


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