interview summary report



The survey is based on 3 male upper division students, 2 U.S. students and a International student from Vietnam. Questionnaires were asked several questions to express their view about university life. One student named himself Justin Loured; other two prefer to be not named.

Majority of the interviewed students have a lot of homework-3 to 5 hours per day. A student with double majors (no named #2) has 5-hours homework per day, Justin Loured has 3-4 hours per day, while he is taking 5 classes only. The major difference between how they imagined and how they fell about the university is the difficulty of the courses, and they think the professors are good and fair in grading students.

The survey results also indicate that local students felt more comfortable in the freshman year. International students study hard to get ride of stress, while local students go to see some friend or pray. International students consider more about excellence about a school in admission, hile local students consider about the location. Senior students take fewer classes in a semester, except the one who is studying for double major.


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