NoteWorth 011

Post Seondary education
Colleges and Univisites
Fastsand fegtures
Accreted school
located in the states,exception such in Univery karo
Size :most coeducational, varity of programs 5000$-20000$/year, kinds

High school transcriipt,stardardize test, SAT/ graduate schhooll, GRE/GMAT/LSAT, foreign TOEFL
Indepent of school,widely used
Extra consideration

Difficul of Law and Medican are difficult, but
 1/2 high school ->college junior level
Drop 20% freshman 60% got degree after 4 year

2 year junior college admission easier, cheaper,live at home,2 year programs ->Ass. degree

Intention:no Degree? Transfer for degree?

every high school student with reason score can admit in college.



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