virtual friends

Most teenagers are good on internet. They spend hours in chartrooms. Some people think keep making virtual friends is dangerous that because people are finding in the chat rooms what they can’t find in their real life. However, virtual friends are a good begging of making real friends.

Virtual friends, or cyber friends, are friends that were contacted by internet. Usually, we recognize new virtual friend in chat rooms, newsgroups, online forum, and blogs. Each of them has a topic you interested in, so usually you can friend with a same interest-that is a good beginning of friendship. You can contact a virtual friend online much easier than in real world. You can communicate massively to know one quickly. Therefore, making virtual friends is easier than making real friends.

Making virtual friends not only have an advantage in a good start, but also have a disadvantage of weak foundation. A friend can disappear easily and friendship will be lost.  As a result, a lot of people meet virtual friends and try to make virtual friends real. I attended a kit if such meetings and recognized a lot of friends in real world. I contact almost most of them both online and offline.

Although virtual friends are less trusted than real friend, you can freely turn virtual friends into a real one. It is not contact method important to maintain friendship, but it is how you fell about them .




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