Generation Gap Prevention


LV150 S/W

Generation Gap Prevention

I am only 7 years elder than my niece, and I thought there were no generation gap between she and me. I’m not so sure about this after I moved to the city where she lived. Although I could have a conversation about internet, computer and study with her like a teacher, I could hardly use another topic since culture evolved, fashion refreshed, famous names faded out, common words altered, politicians went in and out of position, and economic is reformed. Therefore, embarrassing silence frequently occurred. This scenario may remain true when I have a child, but now there is something I will do to narrow this gap, such as self-restraint, polite words and respect child.

About Sheng Jiang 蒋晟

Microsoft MVP in Visual C , 2004- Forum moderator of the Visual C++ and .Net forums on CSDN Forum moderator of Chinese forums on Microsoft's MSDN forums
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