Working Holidays in Mozambique

Doctor (General Practitioner), Angoche Rural Hospital, Angoche, Nampula Province, Mozambique (M7)

The Skillshare International health programe in Mozambique aims at improving access to health care services for rural communities by helping to build the capacity of health care institutions through skills development, and supporting the delivery of primary health care programmes. Angoche Rural Hospital is the only hospital providing primary health care services to Angoche district and surrounds in a improve the skills of staff. You must be willing to live and work in difficult weather (warm/hot) and under-resourced conditions, in an area catchment area inhabitied by over 250,000 people. Your day to day activities include heath care management of emergencies/urgent care, in-patients and out-patients. You will also participate in training programs to falling within the malaria belot. You must be willing to learn Portugese, the working language. This is two year placement with opportunities for renewal.


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