Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province in central China, is the one of the largest city in China. It is a major inland transition center because it is the joint of Han River and Yangtze River, and a rallying point of Major railway. Its Hanzheng Street market is one of the largest markets in China. Thus, although tourism can be improved, but this is not effective, because the scabrous environment problems and poor infrastructures.


Tourism in Wuhan, as one of the old, large cities, has developed already. According to the official website of Wuhan government, Wuhan was named Excellent Tourism City in China by National Tourism Administration. The city is hard to become more famous, build more conservation zone, have more transportation, or reveal more scenes. Although the number of tourists increased a little after several efforts were made in recent decades, such as that many railways, gas stations, highways, electrical billboard was disseminated, many hotels were built. However, the improvement is mainly for business purpose and their contributions to tourism are not very notable.


Moreover, environment problems and relatively poor also make the development more difficult. Shortage of electricity has been an increasing problem and might hurts tourism. Intensive tourism produces a large amount of garbage, which is hard to clear. Heavy traffic is threatening old roads and bridges and hoists the cost of closing and repairing them. Pollution is damaging the ecosystem also. All of above are growing obstacles of tourism development and is hard to clear.

In short, develop tourism in Wuhan is less effective because environment problems and infrastructures. The city should focus on these problems instead of investing in tourism.


Wuhan Government (2005, May 1).<http://www3.wuhan.gov.cn/portal/english >(2005, May 1).


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