Population in US

Population in US
249M people. 8M more 1980

1 China
2 India
4 Indonasia
5 Brazil
6 Russia

Race org, Where, Age&Sex

80% white, 12%Black,3% asian 1% native 4% other
Hispanic 9%white, Black,native
Increasing AfricaA 2% Hispanic 3% in last 10 years

5 M polulas
CA 31M NY 18M TX 17.7M FL13.5M PV12M

55.6% SW(Larger area) East more densive
3/4 live in natrualpolitan 20% rural

1990 women 60M more than man
high death rate for man when they get older
live fe 79 years/ma 72 years
AVG age 30(1980),33.1 (1990) death rate- birth rate+


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