Immigration Past and Present

Immigration Past and Present

Reasons: Economic/Political/Natural Disasters


Political Persecution

Natural Disasters:

2 Kind of people

Not want to leave,Great press

Adventure , like to move

View themelves and nation

Briton consider self settlers ,not think move,but settling land for mother country

Dutch,Frech,German and scotch-ireish
Black for slaves

1776in US, 40% non-British, Maj spoke English
(Colonial period)

Greate Immigration(1730-1930) 3 major stage


before  small group, 10k /year
1830 600K arrived
1840 1M700K arrived
1850 2M600K arrived
Maj from Ger, Great Britein and Ireland

2 1860-1890(10M arrived)

Maj from Ger, Irelandand  Great Britein, as well as Denmark, Norway and Sweden

3 1980-1930(22M arrived)
Greece,Ita,Port,Spain,as well as Poland,Russia

why European leave?

1 population of EU doubled during 1750-1850
 industral cause wide unemployment
farm land scarcity.

US attration
farm land. US 1836 offer public land free to citizens
plentiful Jobs
Freedom of reg and Political Persecution

Natural Disasters
Failure of the potato crop in ireland 1845/1849 starvation

Improved ocean transport

After great Immigration
decline reason
1 law to limit Immigration Chinese Exclu Act 1882
2 Eco and Geopolitical 1929
3 WW2
exceptions quicies refugees

EU 22% Largest is  quite Diffreent areas
Phi,Korea,China Indea,West Indies and Mex

Land is not plantiful
not need unskilld worker
gov restrict Skillful people to be success
political and eco Immigration will resume




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