Should GM(Genetic Modified) food production be controled by Government?

Q(Drug) Why fostering drug plants is baned and fertilizing GM food is not?

A:Drugs can benefit only some patients and will not benefit others’s health. Some more effective replacements can also be composed in chemical labs.

GM food can prevent starvation and its side effect is not known clearly. No more effective replacement found.

Q(Clone) Why another genetic technology, Cloning, is baned and producing GM food is not?

A: Cloning human is baned mainly for moral concern, and this concern does not occur for GM food.

Q: The government should deal with public affairs, and GM food production is one.
A: The government should deal some but not all public affairs, and restricting GM food production may delay or stop investigation for its side effect and genetic technology advance.

Q: The government should label GM food on sale.
A: It is not our topic. Our topic is wether the government should control GM crop production or not.The Comsumer can refuse the unlabelled products.Almost all GM products are labelled.

Q: GM food hurt the env
A: I am not sure about this. In fact, it is reported in China that GM corton reduced the use of insectcide and prevented the farmers from diseases caused by insectcide. It have a great advantage of prevention of starvation. And, can u tell me something "harmless"?

??Anyway, global warming appears to be a bigger threaten to global ecosystem, since its effects are already discovered.

Q: It is good, but it is developing and the gov should supervise the production for safety
A: That cost huge budget and make the gov large.

?? Why not use the fund to support GM research to ensure its security?

Why the gov should interven the application of a health developing technology?
Is the production of traditional crops harmless to people?
Don’t you think the consumer should have the right to choose their diet, smoke or drink?The production of tobacco is not controled by gov.


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