Government by constitution, seperation of checks, powers, and balances.
1983, mark the 200 annuversity of us constitution. US is a young country, but the constitution is the oldest written one continues to be use. Remained basicly unchanged.

2 principles written into the constitution 200 years ago,effect today.

1 division or seperation of powers.
2 a system of checks and balances.

1.1 3 branch (legislative, Executive, Judicial) compose the us gov.

1.2 legislative: Congress, electing or make new law.
1.3 Executive: execute laws that orginated from legislative, President sign the law, put laws into effect.Responsible of seeing the law is enforce or carried out
1.4 Judicial: Dealing persons or cooperations that accused of breaking law and legal despute;handle trial and court cases, review existing law, make sure they are  consistant with the constitution. Judge legality of law,use constitution as a guide.

2.1 Each branches have its specific task in relation of the country’s laws, and particular power that is not share by other branches. The writer of consitition to ake sure no single branch have all power, make sureno abuse, no more powerful than other branches. A system of checks and balancesis written in the constitution . A specific way to check or control on other branches.

2.2 Executive->legislative: Presidental power of veto. Law unwise,wong, may refuse to sign the law. congress difficult to have the majority to overrite presidental veto. May put the law away forever.
2.3 legislative->Executive:DC. 1973, executive was suspect to have the illegal action to reelect Nixon. Have the right to remove the present from office. President resigned, but processes were initiated.
2.4 Judical->legislative:legality  of abortion.Abortion were illegal in most states. 1973 Superime Court found these laws unconsitutional, made the abortion legal. Women can made the abortion in all 50 states today.  Civil right:Superime Court declared unconstutional some state law discriminate afican-american. Result: ilegal for any state to pratice racial discrimination in any form. Desegrigation of public school. Also reviews and determin the consitutionality of Fed. laws originated in Congress.

2.5 Executive,legislative->Judical:Presidet nominate the candidate of Superime Court. Congress must approve the nomination. Each answer to other two.
Inbalance of power does not usually last long.


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