Talking about Where does power come from?



Where does power come from?

The teacher said this confidently: Believe me, ten years later, you will still find those words insightful.

I do believe so.

People who are able to plan, and to implement the plans which facilitate innovation and change are invaluable.

According to Clementino Mendonca’s speech "The new MSF – competing with development process
, only 16% chaos (unplanned or almost unplanned) software projects were successful. Although I don’t remember the success rate of methodized software projects, I am sure it is much higher than the chaos model.

In China, as far as I know, most "workshop" style software companies use chaos models. It may be improved by using the new Visual Studio 2005 Team System, but I am not sure about it, since other software management products, such as Visual Source Safe, are not widely used in these companies.

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