The death of Virgo Shaka under the twin Salas

Gold Saint Virgo Shaka, after a suicidal battle against three fallen Gold Saints, Capricornus Shura, Aquarius Camus and Gemini Saga when defending Athena.
花が咲き そして散る


Flowers open out and then they fade

星が輝き やがていつかは消える


Stars shine and later or sooner they go off

この地球も 太陽も 銀河系 大いなる宇宙も いつか死するときがくる


Both this Earth, the Sun, the Milky Way, and even for the big Universe which is growing,

later or sooner the time to die will come


And compared to these things, human life is insignificant.


その僅かなひとときに 人は生まれ


In that little moment, a man is born

笑い 涙し 戦い 傷つき 喜び 悲しみ 誰かを憎み 誰かを愛し


Laughs, cries, fights, is injured, feels joy and feels sadness, loves someone, hates someone



Rverything is random and in a instant



And, in the end, covered by an eternal sleep called Death.

About Sheng Jiang 蒋晟

Microsoft MVP in Visual C , 2004- Forum moderator of the Visual C++ and .Net forums on CSDN Forum moderator of Chinese forums on Microsoft's MSDN forums
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