Application crash when forcing IE8 rendering mode in webbrowser host

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User stephench is reporting that when setting webbrowser rendering mode to IE8 via FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION, the app would crash.  The web site crashes IE8 too, but IE8 is able to recover and automatically switch to IE7 mode, while a webbrowser host crash in WinInet when switching to the compatibility mode (Note the ReloadInCompatView function on the call stack). My guess is that reloading requires a WinInet helper process which a webbrowser host app does not have.

The call stack is the following

urlmon.dll!UUIDToWSTR()  + 0x1f bytes
urlmon.dll!GUIDToWSTR()  + 0x1a bytes
urlmon.dll!GUIDToWSTRCch()  + 0x16 bytes
urlmon.dll!CInPrivateBrowserModeFilter::_EnsureCLSID()  + 0x20 bytes
urlmon.dll!CSessionBrowserModeFilter::_GetDataStream()  + 0x27 bytes
urlmon.dll!CBrowserModeFilter::_EnsureBrowserModeFilter()  + 0x1d84 bytes
urlmon.dll!CBrowserModeFilter::IsIE7Mode()  + 0x2e bytes
mshtml.dll!CMarkup::ReloadInCompatView()  + 0xd0 bytes
mshtml.dll!CCssPageLayout::CalcSizeVirtual()  + 0x120416 bytes
mshtml.dll!CLayout::CalcSize()  + 0x164 bytes
mshtml.dll!CLayout::DoLayout()  + 0x113 bytes
mshtml.dll!CView::ExecuteLayoutTasks()  – 0x1e376 bytes
mshtml.dll!CView::EnsureView()  + 0x567 bytes
mshtml.dll!CView::EnsureViewCallback()  + 0x66 bytes
mshtml.dll!GlobalWndOnMethodCall()  + 0xcc bytes
mshtml.dll!GlobalWndProc()  + 0xae bytes
user32.dll!_InternalCallWinProc@20()  + 0x28 bytes
user32.dll!_UserCallWinProcCheckWow@32()  + 0xb7 bytes
user32.dll!_CallWindowProcAorW@24()  + 0x51 bytes
user32.dll!_CallWindowProcA@20()  + 0x1b bytes
mfc100.dll!_AfxActivationWndProc(HWND__ * hWnd=0x00150a28, unsigned int nMsg=32770, unsigned int wParam=0, long lParam=0)  Line 471 + 0x11 bytes    C++
user32.dll!_InternalCallWinProc@20()  + 0x28 bytes
user32.dll!_UserCallWinProcCheckWow@32()  + 0xb7 bytes
user32.dll!_DispatchMessageWorker@8()  + 0xdc bytes
user32.dll!_DispatchMessageA@4()  + 0xf bytes
>    mfc100.dll!AfxInternalPumpMessage()  Line 183    C++
mfc100.dll!CWinThread::Run()  Line 629 + 0x7 bytes    C++
mfc100.dll!AfxWinMain(HINSTANCE__ * hInstance=0x00400000, HINSTANCE__ * hPrevInstance=0x00000000, char * lpCmdLine=0x00152348, int nCmdShow=1)  Line 47 + 0x7 bytes    C++


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