More ADO issues with KB983246/Windows 7 SP1: a reference count leaking when event is used

Windows Update
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Update: Microsoft fixed the issue in Windows 8.

User Angus Robertson is reporting that in an application that references ADO 2.1 type library and getting records using the adAsyncExecute method, each execute call  leaks three handles and about 20K of memory. A fix is promised in a future version of windows but since MDAC is an in-band OS component, an widely-available update would be in a service pack just like how kb983246 was delivered. Concerned ADO users should contact Microsoft Customer Support service and request a hotfix, once that is available.

By the way, if you are still in XP or 2003, there is a deadlock issue when using the same adAsyncExecute option. This issue is fixed on Vista.


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