Finding the right ruby version

I am installing eHMP on Centos 7. Centos 7 has ruby 2.0 out of box, thus the install

chef-client -o workstation –config ~/Projects/vistacore/.chef/knife.rb

fails with

rb-notify version 0.10.0 needs Ruby 2.2.2 or newer

Following the instructions at I got ruby 2.7 installed. However

sudo chef-client -o workstation –config ~/Projects/vistacore/.chef/knife.rb

fails with the same error.


ruby –version

shows that rvm has no effect on sudo. I am still running the script against Ruby 2.0

Supposedly I can sudo and install rvm there, but rvm complained and suggested me to use rvmsudo instead. Then I tried it, rvmsudo doesn’t carry over my environment, even $HOME, thus the script still fails.

After searching for awhile I found a walkaround

rvmsudo bash -c “HOME=$HOME; exec bash” chef-client -o workstation –config ~/Projects/vistacore/.chef/knife.rb

This gets the home directory passed to the script, now the script is complaining

STDERR: ERROR:  While executing gem … (OptionParser::InvalidOption) invalid option: –no-rdoc

The script was pretty old, I know. I have no time to fix the script, so I need to downgrade the ruby version. After testing for each version I settled for 2.3.

rvm install 2.3

rvm use 2.3 –default

sudo gem update –system 2.3

Now the script runs successfully.


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