Icepocalypse 2021 冰狱 2021

this is my dairy about the winter storm occurred in Feb 2021.


Feb 13 Sat. 27-30F. Stockpile food (glad I did it). Heard ice building on roads, so instead I shopped on foot. Almost fell because of invisible ice.

2月13日周六 –3-1度。储粮(幸好我这么做了)。听说路上在结冰所以我走路去买菜。还是有看不见的冰,差点摔倒。

Feb 14 Sun. 12-30F Stay home. Freeze warning, keep water dropping. Listened to police radio for a while and heard nothing but crashes. Person is bleeding on Colorado Hills… that is why we advise everyone (to stay off road)…. several vehicles… we need a tow at…. some of the ten fours sound like sigh and two person exchanging (insurance) info was almost a relief. It snowed the night and sounded like raining cats and dogs.

2月14日周日 –11–1度。宅。冰冻警报,保持水龙头滴水。收听了一下警察的通话,基本上都是车祸。科罗拉多丘有人流血。这就是为什么我们建议所有人(不上路)——多辆车——我们这里需要拖车——很多10-4(警用代码,意即收到)听起来像叹气。两个人交换(保险)信息几乎是好消息。晚上下雪的声音听起来像冰雹。

Feb 15 Mon 10-27F. Snow. Wake up by UPS beeps. Turned it off and woke up again by chilling. Realized the power outage could last for a while, announced my unavailability to coworkers. Then saw this outside

2月15日周一 –13–5度。下雪。被不间断电源吵醒。关掉之后回笼觉,又被冻醒。意识到停电可能会很久,通知同事我一时半会不能上班。然后看到外面是这样


Went out for some warm food. Big mistake. 4-10 inches of snow and sometimes step on curbs. Wandering dogs. HEB and everything else closed. No cell signals most of the way. Good that almost nobody is driving and for the rest they drive really slow. And snow blindness is a thing.



Power briefly went back for about an hour after 3pm. but that is just enough for cooking and charging power banks.



Feb 16 Tue 6-25F. Cloudy. Room temperature dropped so much that my dog was crying. So took her to the warmest place in the room.

2月16日周二 –13–4度。多云。室温降到狗狗都在哭了,所以把她移动到房间里最温暖的地方。


and dress her with a cut rice bag



Power back again after 3pm for 40 minutes. Cooked and charged.


Started refreshing ERCOT web site. The 60KMW goal was never reached, only briefly touched 50KMW.

开始刷德州电力可靠委员会(ERCOT )网站。60吉瓦的恢复目标当天没达到,仅仅短暂地达到了50吉瓦

Feb 17 Wed. 23-32F. Snow. From the ERCOT report, the grid almost crashed in the morning with almost no margin between generation and load. Generation picked up in the afternoon to 55KMW but power didn’t come back at all today. Did some cleanup, help neighbor and got helped by a neighbor with a hammer.



Pipe started to burst everywhere and I lost water today.


Feb 18 Thu. 19-32F. Snow. Slept up early yesterday and woke up at 1am. Then saw this:



Brightest night in years.


Power went back on around 2 am. The ERCOT price map is almost green now, with a small deep blue spot indicating negative power prices near Houston. But without water I can no longer cook. Decided to get some water from HEB. My car was actually frozen up like this



So I decided to take a bus which is running for the first time since Monday. The trees along the way are down by the snowstorm:



They looked like this in the summer



On the way there was a pond



I wonder where the ducks went. And this was the pond in the summer



At HEB there’s a long line… and thick ice.



Someone actually fell and one helping on the left almost fell too when running over.



Got in after an hour of waiting in line. Unfortunately there was no waster or milk on the shelf. Settled for some juice and soymilk.


Icicle fell off and scared a bus rider. But it is a good sign that ice was melting.


My apartment offered its pool water for toilet use. Nice for them.


ERCOT reports 60KMW generation for the first time and the price map is sky blue, means everything normal again.


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