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Blinking wifi icon and black screen on Surface 2

This is the second time I run into this problem after a Windows Update. First time was halfway through last year’s Microsoft MVP Summit and I had to Remote Desktop to my home machine with a spare android tablet and … Continue reading

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用户AcmeContracted安装masm32失败,所以想知道是否能集成masm64到Visual Studio 2017中。 VS里面masm不是单独的,是C++工具集的一部分,而在VS2017里C++工具集不是默认安装的,所以要先安装C++工具集。 安装完之后创建个C++的Win32命令项目,然后在解决方案浏览器里选中项目节点,右键,选择Build Dependencies->Build Customisations,在弹出的对话框里选中masm,然后选择OK。这会使得你的项目里的新asm文件使用ml或者ml64编译(具体使用哪个取决于你的项目当前编译配置是32位还是64位)。 另外VS里面新建文件的选择里没有asm文件的模板,随便选个纯文本格式(.h,cpp,.txt,.html都行)的来替代,建完了把扩展名改成asm,然后在解决方案浏览器里右键点文件打开文件属性对话框,把项目类型改成Microsoft Macro Assembler。确定之后这个文件就会用masm来编译了,可以重新打开文件属性对话框检查编译时使用的命令行。 如果的项目在启用asm支持之前已经有了asm文件,这些asm文件的编译设置不会被VS2017版的覆盖(因为有可能在使用第三方的asm)。如果没有值得保留的旧编译设置,可以在解决方案浏览器里右键点文件,选择排除(注意不是删除),再把文件加回来。

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Can we run 32 bit and 64 bit code in the same process?

User redstone001 wants to know if it is possible to run 32 bit and 64 bit code in the same process – maybe in a different thread? As Betteridge’s law of headlines say, any news ending with a question mark … Continue reading

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Farewell, dsoframer

I know, it is long overdue. Microsoft discontinued it a decade ago. And Office is not meant to be embedded. I even advised people to not use it in new development almost a decade ago. Then why I keep using … Continue reading

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Getting around “Strong name signature not valid for assembly” for a ClickOnce application

When building a ClickOnce application, I need to redistribute a third party dll. But it failed the strong name validation under sn-vf thus ClickOnce launcher failed with the same error. Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Strong Name Utility Version 4.0.30319.0 Copyright (c) … Continue reading

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What part of Windows is written in .Net/WPF/Silverlight?

user 曹一聪 on zhihu is curious how widely .Net is used within Windows components. Obviously an operating system component cannot depend on something that isn’t in the operating system, so nothing uses Silverlight in the desktop version Windows. And because XP editions … Continue reading

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Flash Player: Loading from memory

user cucao wants to know how to play a flash file from application resource. The user wants to use a dongle to protect unauthorized viewing of the flash file so can’t just put the swf file in plain sight. Adobe’s Flash Player, being … Continue reading

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What’s new in Visual Studio Tools for Windows 10 Preview

Looks like Windows 10 SDK gets renamed. This post focuses on the Win32 wide of changes. Changes in the WinRT Universal App Platform (UAP) side can be found at Some UAP APIs are available to all desktop apps, for exam DirectX … Continue reading

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Book review: Mastering Windows 8 C++ App Development

Disclaimer: I am a Microsoft MVP in Visual C++, so is Pavel Yosifovich, the author of the book. Mastering Windows 8 C++ App Development by Pavel Yosifovich is a new addition to the Windows Store development books. It took me … Continue reading

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Another breaking change related to 64 bit compatibility, this time in TAPISRV w/Windows 8

The ADO team had to make a breaking change the ADO APIs due to compatibility problem with Microsoft Office. Now it seems to be Tapi’s turn. In the 64 bit editions of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, some TAPI … Continue reading

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