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What’s new in Visual Studio Tools for Windows 10 Preview

Looks like Windows 10 SDK gets renamed. This post focuses on the Win32 wide of changes. Changes in the WinRT Universal App Platform (UAP) side can be found at https://dev.windows.com/en-us/whats-new-windows-10-dev-preview. Some UAP APIs are available to all desktop apps, for exam DirectX … Continue reading

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Make the webbrowser control styled the same way as the hosting application

User wtx_sonery wants to know whether it is possible to style the webbrowser control with the rest of the application. The answer is yes, you can implement IDocHostUIHandler’s GetHostInfo method and return DOCHOSTUIFLAG_THEME in the host flags. IDocHostUIHandler is already … Continue reading

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Detect if a MSI component is installed

A C# program for those who don’t know MSI SDK or C++. C++ programmers can find the API inside the msi.h  file in Windows SDK. class Program { static int Main(string[] args) { uint pathSize = 0; try { foreach … Continue reading

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