• Querying Wikipedia data using SPARQL
    Recently I have been working on a trainer for a football manager game.  The game has a player database, when a player retires, another with the same last name would respawn in some other club. When you play the game for many seasons, the player database becomes gradually out of date. Fan patches are created […]
  • Today’s phishing email (Subject Re: Contract Lease Agreement)
    The email body is as the following <your email id>  has recieved a file to your onedrive “2023 Contract Agreement .xlsx“ When and where did this happen Date:4/13/2023 4:50:56 p.m. Browser: Chrome Operating System: Windows 10 You are receiving this information because someone shared a file to your OneDrive.See details in the attached file. I […]
  • Extend a webbrowser control using ICustomQueryInterface
    Begin ChatGPT generated response To extend a WebBrowser control using ICustomQueryInterface, you can create a new class that implements the ICustomQueryInterface interface and then use the SetSite method of the WebBrowser control to set the new class as the site for the control. Here are the steps you can follow: Create a new class that […]
  • Bypassing Factory Reset Protection Microsoft Lumia 640
    The problem: Recently I had to factory reset my Lumia 640 with Windows 10 Build 15063. However the factory reset protection cannot be turned off in settings. It will ask for password then the slider would stay on. I proceeded with a factory reset, then I am greeted with the reset protection notification screen (no […]
  • New web server hijacker HttpResetModule.dll
    Today a friend’s server was hacked. The web site displays normally if visited directly. The content is highjacked when visit from a Baidu Search result, similar to what user 41nbow experienced at https://www.freebuf.com/articles/web/222060.html. A file system wide search for recent changed files shows that %windir%\system32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config file was recently updated. New entries were added to the […]
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