• Extend a webbrowser control using ICustomQueryInterface
    Begin ChatGPT generated response To extend a WebBrowser control using ICustomQueryInterface, you can create a new class that implements the ICustomQueryInterface interface and then use the SetSite method of the WebBrowser control to set the new class as the site for the control. Here are the steps you can follow: Create a new class that […]
  • Bypassing Factory Reset Protection Microsoft Lumia 640
    The problem: Recently I had to factory reset my Lumia 640 with Windows 10 Build 15063. However the factory reset protection cannot be turned off in settings. It will ask for password then the slider would stay on. I proceeded with a factory reset, then I am greeted with the reset protection notification screen (no […]
  • New web server hijacker HttpResetModule.dll
    Today a friend’s server was hacked. The web site displays normally if visited directly. The content is highjacked when visit from a Baidu Search result, similar to what user 41nbow experienced at https://www.freebuf.com/articles/web/222060.html. A file system wide search for recent changed files shows that %windir%\system32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config file was recently updated. New entries were added to the […]
  • Better Late Than Never
    This post originally appeared on Joycode on Sept 17 2004. 在文件选择对话框和浏览器中都可以显示文件夹视图,但是有时需要对显示的方式进行控制,例如在文件选择对话框初始化时设置显示方式为详细资料视图或者缩略图视图,有的时候需要用程序来选择一些项目,例如在文件选择对话框中添加全选按钮,或者打开文件所在文件夹并且选中指定文件。 我在大约一年之前的一个Post(http://blog.joycode.com/jiangsheng/archive/2003/11/09/6152.aspx)中提及到这个问题,搞定了之后一直忘记公布答案了,今天在CSDN社区看到别人问的类似问题才想起自己已经解决了,所以现在拿出来分享…… 关于如何设置文件夹视图的显示方式的问题,Paul DiLascia在他的MSDN杂志C++Q&A专栏中提供了另一个解决方案。参见List View Mode, SetForegroundWindow, and Class Protection(http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/04/03/CQA/)。PS:这家伙又用Spy++大法…… 浏览器控件显示文件夹视图(例如本地目录或者FTP站点)时在其中双击目录,选中的目录会用新的资源管理器窗口打开的问题,是因为浏览器控件中的文件夹视图在打开文件夹的时候并不触发浏览器的NewWindow2事件,而是调用ShellExecuteEx,用DDE的方式和Shell通讯。微软知识库文章Q189634 WebApp.exe Enables User to Move WebBrowser Ctrl(http://support.microsoft.com?kbid=189634)描述了如何处理这样的DDE会话。呃……顺便说一下,这篇文章文不对题…… 下面的给出访问文件打开/保存对话框和浏览器控件的文件夹视图的代码(MFC) #ifndef WM_GETISHELLBROWSER#define WM_GETISHELLBROWSER (WM_USER+7)//差不多一年过去了,这个消息还是a yet-to-be documented message#endif void CCustomFileDialog::OnInitDone(){CFileDialog::OnInitDone();//Remember, when you customize the open file dialog,//your CFileDialog is actually a child of the real dialog,//which explains […]
  • Converting generic OopFactory.X12 structures to typed counterparts
    OopFactory.X12 can parse EDI messages into segments and loops. However despite typed segments and loops exist, the parser does not generate them in the object model.  The unit test only use them when generating EDI messages. The typed segments and loops are aggregative objects that do not contain their own data members besides the contained […]
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