Diet Change

Diet Change

There are many changes in my lifestyle since I moved to USA. My diet is not an exception. The main reasons of this diet change are that some food is hard to find in U.S., or they become too expensive.


It is natural that some food is hard to find in another country, or even can not be found. For instance, the red vegetable bolt, one of my favorite vegetables, is a special local product of Wuhan, and I never find it in U.S. Many other foods, such as Re Gan Mian, or Hot Dry Noodle, and Doupi, or Dried Sheet of Mung Bean, are not cooked in American restaurants because their cooking skills are not well known. Missing food certainly disappeared from my diet.


Even some kinds of food are exported to U.S., many of them they become too expensive for me. An example of this is spinage, which is less then 8 cents per pound in Wuhan, cost me more than 1.5 dollar per pound. I have to replace them with some affordable foods, such as chicken or potato.


Move to another city always change one’s lifestyle, including diet change. Previous local foods fade out, replaced by new local food. As many of my diet change, this one is not made by doctor’s advice, but by objective and financial choices.


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