Given the graphs from “Population, Poverty and the Local Environment”, I conclude that the decreasing percentage of American women’s share of paid employment is a contribution of increasing unpaid working in home, when the number of children increases. For one, in the second graph, the unpaid house work-load increases gradually until the number of children exceed 7, which showed expressed a sharp increase for 7 or more children. Generally speaking, an American woman who has more children would have more house work. For another, according to the third graph, the percentage of American women’s share of paid employment steadily decreases when the number of children increases. That is to say, the percentage of American women’s share of paid employment steadily decreases when unpaid house working gradually increases.

According to graph “Federal Expenditures, 1983 TOTAL: 624.2 Billion”, I found that the money spent on national defense and international relations is too much, and more money should be invested in welfare. While the other major countries, such as China and Russia, spend less on national defense either in amount or in percentage, and more on welfare, maintain such high military expenditure is not efficient, and this outcome has less little benefit to the economy than welfare programs.

According to Reuters, Microsoft is expanding its online services to fit new demands, such as blogging and winks in MSN Messenger. This step is likely to invoke a new round of service competitions among major online service providers, such as Yahoo and Google.

In modern internet age, a successful new service will be followed competition in no time. After Google announced its GMail plan a year ago, which provide record high 1GB free email accounts, almost every free email service provider increased their user storage limit, such as Hotmail (from 2M to 250M), Yahoo (from 6M to 1G), Sina (from 50M to 1G) and Netease (from 50M to 2G). After google acquired, Microsoft began the beta test of MSN spaces, which include major function of old MSN groups and introduced the blog function.

It is still too early to say who will win this the competition. But the immediately result is the improvement of user satisfaction. That is the most effective way to maintain user’s loyalty and attract potential users.

The reason and the effect of the spreading of blogging


Definition of blog: online journals, or the action of writing online journals, or to write online journals

History of blog: Web Log->We Blog


Since the demand of publishing online journals is increasing, blogging will become more popular and will become an important method of internet communication.


Inconvenience of Personal Homepage

Demand for online journals

Promotion by Google ,Yahoo and Microsoft


It created several communities on certain topics and direct the discussion in existing communities such as warlogs and Blawgs, techlogs, internal and external deployment in enterprises and their influence.

Media influence, reaction of traditional media and personal homepage service providers.

Blog spam appeared and reaction from bloggers and search engines..


.    More and more people will stop updating their personal homepage and start blogging, and hence increase the influence of blog communities. Blog will become as popular as email.


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