Nomination of Microsoft Award for Customer Excellence


Dear Sheng Jiang,

Thank you for being a great contributor to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

You have been nominated to receive the Award for Customer Excellence. This award recognizes your extraordinary contribution to the Visual Studio 2005 product and will be shipped to you without charge.  Please click the following link to arrange shipment of your award:

(link omitted)

Should you have any questions about this award, please contact (email omitted).

All the best,

S. Somasegar
Corporate Vice President,
Microsoft Developer Division


However, I’v already got VS2005 from my one year free MSDN Premium Subscription (for Visual Studio 2005), as a part of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award package. It may be better if they put something else in the ACE award package …

About the ACE Program

<Quote src=>

The Award for Customer Excellence (ACE) program was created to reward and recognize customers who have demonstrated enthusiasm for Microsoft® products.


About the MVP Program

<Quote sec=>

Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are recognized, credible, and accessible individuals with expertise in one or more Microsoft® products who actively participate in online and offline communities to share their knowledge and expertise with other Microsoft customers. Customers want an enriched pool of knowledge and real-life experience to tap for advice and feedback. MVPs are helping to satisfy this need by independently enabling customers in both online and offline technical communities. Customer feedback is vital to product development and R&D. The MVPs represent an important part of this feedback loop by providing another link for Microsoft to listen to the customer.

The Most Valuable Professional Program is the way that Microsoft formally acknowledges the accomplishments of these individuals for their contributions to community. It is focused on fostering a vibrant global community where Microsoft and customers learn about each other through valued ongoing relationships. The key strategies the program employs are:

  • Recognize and engage with MVPs worldwide—Identify, enable, and empower community influencers through a consistent quality customer relationship with Microsoft that spans product groups, services, and field organizations.
  • Improve customer connection and satisfaction—Recognize more customers for their efforts and improve the quality of the experience on their turf and in their language.
  • Drive program excellence—Professionalize services, customer offerings, and worldwide roles and responsibilities to become more predictable and accountable to both internal and external Microsoft community customers.

The MVP Program, in existence for over eleven years, is represented by over 2,600 MVPs in 81 countries.




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  1. hehe, interesting ^_^

  2. 。。。。楼下的楼下太有意思了。。。

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